Will waterless/Eco-friendly wash scratch my car?

Our waterles car washes will NOT scratch your car. We pride ourselves in taking absolute care when cleaning your car, regardless of the color being green, yellow, black, orange or white. All our stuff members are well trained and highly knowledgeable when it comes to performing waterless car washes and will treat your car with the attention and care it deserves.

When we spray the dirty surface of your car with the unique cleaning product, each “spray” either covers or surrounds any dirt particles with thousands of individual droplets – each less than .015″ in diameter. The droplets that cover begin to soften, emulsify and lift the dirt particles immediately, due to the generous supply of cleaning agents contained in the formula. The droplets that surround prevent the dirt particles from coming in contact with the surface because a combination of special lubricants keeps them in a state of suspension until they are absorbed by the application cloth.



Using the conventional water and wash method of cleaning:

When you spray your car with water, you remove the majority of visible dirt and grime, but leave behind a thin layer of dirt on the surface. When you rub a chamois or sponge over your car’s paint, you can grind the remaining dirt into the paint. This can create what is called “feather scratches”.

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